Mindfulness, A Quick Everyday Practice.

Mindfulness, Quick and Easy

     Mindfulness does not have to be difficult. People make it into this daunting task that they “should” do but do not really understand the purpose of. It does not have to be sitting in silence for 30 minutes or saying 20 things you’re grateful for each morning. While these both can be beneficial for some… here are some quick & simple mindfulness exercises you can incorporate into your day.

– Take a deep breath and hold it.
– Notice the water temperature when you wash your hands
– chew your food an extra 2 or 3 times
– pick the sock up off the floor you’ve been walking by for days
– Choose to listen to your favorite song
– Say hello to someone who looks down
– Smile at yourself in the mirror
– Comb your hair for longer than usual
– Write a letter (or sticky note) to yourself
– Make a call you’ve been putting off
– Make your bed
– Choose a favorite color of the day (my personal favorite)
– Take a different route home
– Do your makeup a little differently

     Mindfulness is about being present and intentional. Making these intentional decisions in make slight changes in your routine challenges your brain to step out of “auto mode” and into focused, concentrated action.

     Hopefully you can add one of these to your day today!


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