Benefits of Fortified Foods

Benefits of Fortified Foods


     Fortified foods have been shown to reduce symptoms of chronic illnesses. Specifically, for new mothers, fortified foods provide an abundance of nutrients and help with adjustment to the new situation.


     An area discussed in Food Science that stood out to me was the topic of functional foods. An article I found regarding this topic is called The Role of Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements in Intestinal Health. It explains the different health benefits of functional foods such as Cardiovascular disease (CVD), obesity, cancer and breast feeding. In terms of breastfeeding, it mentions how important it is for a mother to get her proper nutrients to pass on to her child. Functional foods benefit mothers greatly because they can consume normal foods like milk and yogurt that are fortified with vitamins and nutrients in order to boost their health along with the baby’s. It is difficult for women with a newborn to follow a proper diet after a major life change, functional foods make their situation a bit easier. 

In regard to chronic diseases, functional foods are similar to normal foods but they are biologically enhanced and show benefits that reduce risk of chronic diseases. Professionally, I will be able to recommend functional foods like strawberries, milk and fish to my patients at risk of chronic diseases or already diagnosed to reduce symptoms. Personally, I can add these foods to my diet and suggest them to my loved ones to improve/maintain our health. 


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